Happy Clients

"Hiring Sheree was the best investment I made in my business! With Sheree, I feel like I have a business partner that provides a sounding board for new ideas, and I must share that she always provides me with amazing insights. Sheree handles the workflow and manages the projects that I’m not good at and don’t enjoy. I now have the time to do what I love….work with clients, do my writing, teaching, and product development. It’s rare to find someone that’s as committed to your business as Sheree is, but she is that kind of person. It is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!"
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Mary DeYon
Success Coach | Energy Healer
Sheree has been such an important partner in my business. She has been able to take all of the technology off my plate handling everything from website edits, podcast production and publishing, marketing funnels, complicated email campaign builds, creating graphics, and everything in between. She is so much more than a virtual assistant. Sheree understands who I am as a business owner, who my customer is, and the message I want to convey. Blending these skills allows her to be a true business partner, and in many cases a business mentor. I highly recommend you grab Sheree if she is ever in a position to take on another client!
Susan McDaniel
Health Coach
I know that it’s critical to success to have the right support. After working with Sheree on a few projects, I realized I couldn’t live without her so she joined my team. I consider her to be an integral part of the growth of my business. When you hire Sheree, you get a strategic partner. I feel deep appreciation and gratitude for having her support. Sheree’s expertise, dedication, and commitment make all the difference in the world to me. I recommend her to any business who is ready to invest in the support they need to make a big impact and grow their profits!
Justine Clay
Business Coach for Creative Professionals
Working with Sheree was one of the best decisions I made as a business leader. She's super personable, loyal, detail-oriented, good with timing, and has a strong work ethic. I hired Sheree as my executive assistant and client care specialist, and whatever I gave her to do (which was way beyond that scope), she turned to GOLD! She's the best!
Nina Segura
Business Transformation Expert
"Sheree's positive attitude combined with her no-nonsense approach to business helps me get into a good productive mental state, minus the worry that I should be doing something else. I can count on Sheree to not only get the work done but also she keeps me inspired to do more, allowing for my own business to expand and impact more lives.
Sheree is high level support at its best."
Melissa Waldron
"Sheree is personable, provides value, and great results. She is such a wonderful person to work with and has given me so much help with growing my business."
Mary Elias
Divorce Financial Analyst
"I wanted to let you know Sheree Diamond that you have made a deep impact on me and my business. As I look over my gratitude lists from this week, I realize YOU and your work are on it everyday! I was so scared to hire a virtual assistant for my business because of countless reasons, didn't think I was ready, didn't know what to ask help for, didn't have as many clients yet. But I knew I was struggling with getting organized and I was feeling like I spent more time on tech stuff or on ways to connect with my clients instead of ACTUALLY connecting with them.

Now, I have more clients than we first started!!!!!!! I am booking sessions left and right. I am so much more organized, I feel more like a business and I know my clients see it too. I really attribute this success to hiring you because I see how much love and quick attention you give to my requests, you give me feedback so quickly and HONESTLY, your energy inspires me to work more efficiently in my business. I think, “Yes, I’m scared to make this sales call but damn it Sheree worked so hard, she put my client scheduler together, contacted my workshop participants, sent emails out, I HAVE TO make the phone call" I know that this is your job but the way you go about it makes me feel like you truly believe in me, my business and my success. All entrepreneurs should get the chance to feel this way with their support team. Oh and by the way my mom says, "Thank you for helping my daughter.“
Jennifer Castaneda
Life Coach
“Sheree Diamond is aptly named for sure: she is a jewel, a gem, and a rare treasure! Her expertise speaks for itself, and anyone who is blessed to work with her will see that immediately. She also brings a willing and compassionate perspective that honors the client even as she artfully and dutifully applies her knowledge and talent. Sheree stays current in a rapidly changing market, watching overall trends and seeing how those trends may benefit her individual clients. She brings her own passion to our mission and message, and is an invaluable resource. I recommend her without hesitation.”
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Taylor Stevens
Unity of the Palm Beaches
“It's critical to business success to have skilled team members and Sheree continually exceeds my expectations. She brings her business expertise and creativity to all projects she handles. She is a wonderful person to strategize with and I can always count on her to provide excellent insights to grow my business. I can have peace of mind to delegate work and know that the projects will get done accurately, timely, and efficiently. It’s a great feeling to know that Sheree always has my back and treats my business like a partner!”
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Ileana Kane
Business Coach
“Having Sheree Diamond as my VA has been a lifesaver for my business! Like most entrepreneurs, I have a hard time concentrating when having a ton of things on my to-do list. Sheree came to my rescue. I can always count on her to make me feel at ease, rather than overwhelmed. There are many things that she knows how to do that I don’t, so it’s comforting to know that I don’t have to waste hours of my time trying to figure things out. I feel completely supported knowing that Sheree has my back. She’s dependable, knowledgeable and efficient, and she frees up my time so I can work on money-generating projects. Seriously, hire Sheree while you can!”
Allison Miller
Health and Fitness Coach
"Sheree was a tremendous help to us when we launched our new business. Her extensive business expertise, creativity, listening skills and ability to focus on the bottom line are amazing.  Sheree continues to be a trusted advisor."
Eileen Tanne
Delray Wellness Village
"Sheree has been a gift to my business and I would highly recommend her to any business. She is extremely reliable, professional and all communication tasks are treated with love and care. She is honest, generous, smart, and a cheerleader committed to your success. Sheree is a gem! I strongly suggest you hire Sheree. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions."
Laura Fenamore
Body Image Coach
“What makes Sheree Diamond special is that on top of her high level of performance, integrity and work ethics, she has proven herself to be a highly evolved person – extremely practical, susceptible and wise all at the same time. She is nurturing and caring, she has extraordinary administrative/organizational skills, plus brilliant social and emotional intellect. She does not hesitate to say what I need to hear, even when it may not be exactly what I want to hear. A few more words: she is thorough and very fast at what she does. I cannot recommend her enough.”
Kayoki Omori
“We thank you for your effort in social media with Clicking In and the Yale Club of the Palm Beaches this season. You have contributed to our success. Your creativity, perseverance, expertise, and professionalism reflect all the elements necessary for a successful social media presence. Many will imitate, none can match. For online business visibility,
I highly recommend hiring Sheree!”
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Lani Click
Special Events
“I employed Sheree Diamond to help market my daughter’s Kickstarter Campaign which was to help fund renovations for her art gallery. Sheree immediately started gathering information, and setting up the business profiles in social media for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She created dynamic images to represent our brand in social media, guided us on how to improve our campaign, and constantly kept us on track. In addition, Sheree wrote an amazing press release which got us into many publications in the art field, and landed us an on-site interview and featured article with a local newspaper.

Sheree is professional, thorough, and works quickly and efficiently. I am still amazed at the wonderful results we had from her work. We met our $18,000 campaign goal! I would highly recommend her to any business for her social media/marketing acumen, and for writing press releases. I can only say wonderful things about working with this woman. She is incredible! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.”
virtual assistant florida
Robyn Adams
Art Gallery
Sheree has been a true gem in my personal and professional success. I speak to women about investing in themselves and I am a true testament of how investing in the RIGHT person can make all the difference in your success and ultimate happiness. Sheree Diamond will always be in my arsenal for successful living. Not only has she been essential to getting my business back on track with clarity and focus and a constant flow of clients, she has gifted me on a regular basis with ideas, tools, and unconditional support to help me and my business remain on FIRE with purpose. Without Sheree, Ignite Your Life would be playing small. I thank her for all the “goosing”, my clients will thank her and my family too.
virtual assistant usa
Suzanne Kovi
Speaking Coach
“Sheree, thank you for being you! As brilliant as I am at helping my clients create the business of their dreams, I have struggled getting my vision out of my head. Sheree, you've been my voice of reason, my champion, and my confidence coach! Your guidance in helping me get my online presence aligned with what I can offer, and making sure my website reflects who I am and what I offer was amazing. And, is kept up to date with new opt ins, blogs, podcasts, etc. Everything works so smoothly with you in charge! And, when I partnered with another woman to start a private membership for women in the direct sales industry, you did a fantastic job helping us get everything up and running quickly!”
Abigail Tiefenthaler
Marketing Strategist
“Sheree is a delight to work with and an impressive talent. Always going the extra mile, she has taken our event promotions to higher levels of attraction. Through Sheree’s graphic art talents to her navigating the best social media exposure, her work has consistently provided outstanding results that always exceeds our expectations! She is a true professional and we are fortunate to have her working with us.”
Dorothy Rattay & Deborah Guerrera
Unity of the Palm Beaches
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